Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Etsy Alphabet~J

I am in a little bit of a Christmas mood today. Last night Hubs and I agreed on a night to put up the Christmas tree. Last year it was up before Halloween. (Shhh don’t tell anyone) This year I got Hubs to agree to wait until Halloween night. I LOVE Halloween but where we live currently has no trick-or-treaters and well, It’s a little depressing not seeing the little ones in all of their cuteness. So if we make a tradition of putting up the tree Halloween night then at least we do something fun that evening. Last year our tree was beautiful…..Tree 08

This year I am going to make these…….(from Martha of course!)


I only use white lights on my tree (I don’t have little kids, if I did they would be colored). So I was thinking these beautiful glittery ornaments and white lights and maybe some other white ornaments and that is it! I don’t know if Hubs will let me get away with it but I think I will try. But with the Christmas season in mind….

J is for Joy


I know wooden letters are all the rage right now, but there is just something a little special about Craft Junkie’s work.

J is for Jute


and a little closer


You might be asking what this has to do with Christmas?!? Well Funkyshique says think snowflakes! I’m thinking bedroom!

J is for Jesus


I love B&W photography but these are unbelievable. There are a few more in Eden Wilson’s shop. I really hope more will be coming. Some of her images are prints. The Jesus image above are cards. But I would love to have these on my wall along with her “prayer” & “love”. A proceed from these goes to benefit the Deaf community in the Oklahoma City metro area. PLEASE go see her shop!!!!


Pup says she can’t wait for Christmas but she is wondering what silly outfit Santa will bring her this year. Have you ever seen a more adorable reindeer. :)


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  1. Hey Girl! Hope you're having a warm Saturday. The game was so 'cool' last night! Can you check with Julie/your grandmother/sisters for the show on Saturday, Nov. 7. Also what time do ya'll want. We need to have about 5-7 people come if possible:) if you can get 10-15--we'll count it as 2 shows..

    Have a fun Saturday. Are you working on etsy k?


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