Saturday, October 3, 2009

Etsy Alphabet~A

Sometime last year, my dear friend Leslie introduced me to Etsy. Now I have become an Etsyholic. I love sifting through the pages to see what kind of new goodies I can dig up. So I decided I would share with you an alphabet inspired list of some of my favorite things I have found on Etsy.

A is for Acorns.



These cuties are colorful, felted & dying to be in my home somewhere. You can find them here!

A is for Amethyst


il_430xN_85190311Simply stunning! These beauties can be found here!

A is for Aquamarine.


This whole shop is stunning!

A is for Amber.


This also includes another of my favorite things~ Lampwork Beads (But that doesn’t start with an A). In fact, this shop has a lot of my favorite things. Viki, the artisan that made these stunners also has a blog. Go check out more from Viki @ Orion Designs.

Enjoy my addiction!



  1. Thanks so much for the feature -- I'm honored!

  2. You rock! I see you authoring an alphabet book in the future:)

    See ya tomorrow!


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