Thursday, October 8, 2009

Etsy Alphabet~F

F is for Freedom



I thank Jesus for my freedom from an eternity without God and I thank the soldiers and their families for their unending sacrifice so that I may live my days on Earth free. I am an advocate for peace but I firmly believe you can hate the war and love the soldiers!

You can find these messages of freedom and others at Blossoming Joy.

F is for Ferns

il_430xN_86627701il_430xN_89664948il_430xN_93536020I love ferns. Their delicate beauty has always had a magical aura around them. They evoke a sense of tranquility & restfulness. Find these beautiful ferns at the KainKain Shop!  

F is for Fall!

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Set a beautiful fall tablescape with this fabulous fall table-bling! Marywibi has more to offer for your favorite season.

F is for Felted

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I have fallen in love will all the felted items out there and Missy and Me has some of the cutest around. One day I will have the time to learn how to do these. If any of you know, feel free to share!



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