Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Etsy Alphabet~D

D is for Damask


il_430xN_89715982Aren’t these damask picture frames beautiful! Onkie Bazoobie has plenty more to match your decor.

D is for Dragges

il_430xN_54654660 il_430xN_54654662

Remember those adorable little silver balls that used to grace your cakes & cookies as a child. Enjoy this grown-up but ever so sweet version of dragges from Julie Lake.


D is for Dragonflies & Dandelions

il_430xN_87927442 il_430xN_93968141 il_430xN_73716131 il_430xN_93962482

Two of my absolute favorite things grace the art of Mud Hutt Studio. Please go check them out! They have a little something for everyone.



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