Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Crimson Tide Man Cave

In our dream home, Hubs will have his own domain.Yes that’s right the coveted “Man Cave”! I realize if this dream materializes, I may never see him. We’ll just have to  make sure my craft room is right across the hall….maybe we’ll bump into each other on the way to the bathroom! Ha! While he was off watching football today I dug up a little inspiration.

One Night Stand Sleeper Sofa

This sofa folds out into a QUEEN size guest bed & comfy enough for Hubs to lounge while watching the game or playing his football games.

grey walls

I love this grey! This is how I would like the walls painted. And on the walls would be……..


This Alabama A!


Floating shelves like these or something of the kind around the perimeter of the room to house Hubs collection of these….


and these…



Underfoot a nice shag rug (Hubs hates shag so I probably won’t win here)



I love these masculine grommeted curtains. I think they will look great against the grey walls.

But we can’t forget the other necessities….


Somewhere for his computer


A little decorative lighting


Probably the most important part for Hubs

And the one thing that may seal the deal on me never seeing him again…….


What Man Cave is complete without the mini-fridge!

Thanks for letting me dream!


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  1. Wow! Lots of great things! Hubs will love it!


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