Wednesday, November 18, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things


I’m participating in 320 Sycamore’s favorite things party!


LOVE my mtn dew!!!


& Iced Chai from Starbucks!!!


I love Mokey & her friends!




Most lip care products make my lips peel but not this. It’s like silk on your lips, not greasy, not sticky, slightly glossy, doesn’t taste horrible kind of fantastic!!! You must try this!!!!

And last but not least my NEW favorite thing…


I have seen a few of these around but the one that I have tried is called Snap Capp. The first time I tried to put one on my can of Dew, I went at an angle, crushed my can and sent soda flying across the kitchen. Since then, I have ensured that I am going straight down on the can & I love it!!!!! I really do not like drinking out of cans. It’s almost a freaky kind of paranoia. If I leave the room for more than 10 minutes and leave a canned drink open, I won’t drink it. So this baby is saving me some money & I love anything that will do that. To get to top off just open the lid and crush the can a bit.  I got mine at Walgreens but I have seen them a few other places. Great stocking stuffer idea!


For those of us who sang this the entire time we worked on this post :)


  1. I got one of those can toppers at a flea market. I have not even used it once. I must try the lip balm.

  2. I love your list. Mokey reminds me of my childhood and watching Fraggle Rock. Pretty cool that we are practically neighbors, we are in Griffin and I am a student as well with no money ;). Nice to meet you.

  3. Great list. I need to try the lip balm. I've never seen those can toppers. Great idea. I'll have to hunt for some.

  4. Lolololol... I did sing that!!!
    How did you know?
    great list!
    Love that new soda can saver...havent seen them yet.

  5. I love that you included that song!! lol I have never heard of the snapp capp~what a cool invention...I'm not a huge fan of drinking out of cans either :) Thanks for sharing with us~

  6. I have to find those snap capps! These would be great for my sister in law too. We both drink too much diet coke!

  7. OMG! I have been humming that song all day since finding the party! How funny. I don't like drinking out of cans cause my 2 year old has a bad habit of slipping things in. Today it was seashells in my coffee. No wonder it tasted sandy!

  8. Thank you for the great comment at Layla's blog! I had so much fun being over there today. I hope this means that you'll come and visit me often too! Would love to have you drop by, I'm always up to some fun things.


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