Saturday, November 21, 2009

Etsy Alphabet~S

In honor of our Christmas theme…..

S is for Santa

wickedworld3 wickedworld2 wickedworld

These gorgeous glass art pendants are from Betina @ WickedWorld. Personal disclaimer: there are some topics presented in her work that I do not agree with or condone. I am a huge supporter of free choice but I also stand true to my beliefs & feel  I owe it to my readers to let them know if there might be something they find offensive.That said these were just to cute to pass by! Betina has other non-jewelry items in her shop & her photography is Phenomenal!!!

S is for Sleigh


This adorable Christmas card is from Bill Robinson @ Flim Flammery! His artwork is amazing! Please go check him out!

S is for Snowman (or woman)

 monkeyseeboutique This adorable personalized shirt is from Monkey See Boutique!  If you have been living under a rock & don’t know about this Southern Gal yet please go check her out! Her shop is Amazing. She also has a blog to keep you updated on new arrivals!


Despite people thinking I am crazy, the biggest reason I put up my tree and get my shopping done so early is because I really enjoy spending the days leading up to Christmas reflecting on the miracle of our Saviors birth. I find it hard to do when I am running around to get decorated, shopped and wrapped!!!!  Check out out this post at This Southern Girls Nest and grab your button!


Without further ado…..

The Real Reason for the Season

S is for Savior


This stunning card is from Karyn @ Karylu. When I look at this peaceful card, I keep hearing one of my favorite Christmas songs…..Mary did you know?


This beautiful print is from Kelly Lish @ Kels Etsy. Kelly is a mixed media artist who creates beautiful & quirky art. I love her style!


And for those of you who have called me crazy because I have my mundane Christmas prep done……there is one FAR crazier than I. I could have done this…….

courtesy of HGTV!

(the sad part is….I really like a lot of this!)


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  1. Thank you so much for showing my nativity scene-that is really so nice of you and I feel honored.



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