Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I spent a very relaxing spring break week dreaming up my home. I just have two questions.....

1. Who are these people who have all white room? They obviously don't have my hubs or pup.

2. Why do most of these people not have TVs in their living rooms? Again, they don'tt have my hubs.

Either way I have learned a lot about what I really like.Here are a few examples....

Layla over at
Lettered Cottage has a beautiful kitchen and a lot more, be sure to check her out!

I Love this kitchen!!!! I just don't know that I will ever be organized enough to have any open cabinets. Here are a few more closeups..

Not only did I love the serene feel of this bedroom, I loved the paddle. I wanted one just like it but settled for the moment instead on two smaller white ones from Joann's that I am thinking of crossing and hanging over my bed. Since my walls aren't white, I think they will look nice.

I really like this entertainment center and the way she has it decorated. I also love that it is christmas without screaming red and green.
I want to take a bath in here. Yes I know there isn't a tub in the picture, but don't you imagine it would be FABULOUS! I loved this idea....oversized planter for towels.

There is plenty more to come.

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