Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Exciting blog news

I am so excited!!! I have my first follower (Thanks Marie!) & my first comment. But not just any comment mind you. It's from Amanda @ Imperfectly Beautiful. If you have not checked her out, you MUST go. Imperfectly Beautiful is by far one of my FAVORITE blogs. Just in case you don't believe just how fabulous Amanda & her blog are, here are a few of my favorites you'll find there.

I love these simple pillar candles with scrapbook paper embellishments. I for one am a "burn 'em if you got 'em" kinda girl with candles. I can't understand candles that are not lit but these are so cute I might would make an exception.

Have lamp, add ribbon. Why have we all not thought of this? Amanda is brillant!

I know more candles & paper. But Hello! Can you get any cuter?

And now something you should know about me. I love pumpkins! Yes that means I love Halloween, Fall & any other excuse to decorate with or just simply enjoy pumpkins. I love pumpkins so much that I might actually consider leaving this up year round. (With artifical pumpkins of course)

And how adorable that it is already my initial. I wouldn't change a thing! LOVE IT!

Pumpkins, Polka Dots & Paper! OH MY!

Can you get any cuter than these polka dot pumpkins. I love the idea of a black & white Halloween. How cute! I have these 3 cute black square picture frames that I got out of the dollar bin @ Target. I think I might try a BOO with them this year.

But Alas what is Halloween without a witch's broom!

You MUST go check out Amanda @ Imperfectly Beautiful. If you think this stuff is cute just wait till you see the rest.


  1. You blog is great and I enjoyed it. I hope you have a great day and come by and visit my blog sometime

  2. I love that paper embellished candle!!! Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I wish you the best in finding your dream home! It's always fun to start gathering ideas, and you've found some good ones!


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