Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Exciting blog news

I am so excited!!! I have my first follower (Thanks Marie!) & my first comment. But not just any comment mind you. It's from Amanda @ Imperfectly Beautiful. If you have not checked her out, you MUST go. Imperfectly Beautiful is by far one of my FAVORITE blogs. Just in case you don't believe just how fabulous Amanda & her blog are, here are a few of my favorites you'll find there.

I love these simple pillar candles with scrapbook paper embellishments. I for one am a "burn 'em if you got 'em" kinda girl with candles. I can't understand candles that are not lit but these are so cute I might would make an exception.

Have lamp, add ribbon. Why have we all not thought of this? Amanda is brillant!

I know more candles & paper. But Hello! Can you get any cuter?

And now something you should know about me. I love pumpkins! Yes that means I love Halloween, Fall & any other excuse to decorate with or just simply enjoy pumpkins. I love pumpkins so much that I might actually consider leaving this up year round. (With artifical pumpkins of course)

And how adorable that it is already my initial. I wouldn't change a thing! LOVE IT!

Pumpkins, Polka Dots & Paper! OH MY!

Can you get any cuter than these polka dot pumpkins. I love the idea of a black & white Halloween. How cute! I have these 3 cute black square picture frames that I got out of the dollar bin @ Target. I think I might try a BOO with them this year.

But Alas what is Halloween without a witch's broom!

You MUST go check out Amanda @ Imperfectly Beautiful. If you think this stuff is cute just wait till you see the rest.

Monday, April 20, 2009

More inspiration found during break

I LOVE this livingroom. Aside from the akward lamp on hte wall and what looks like the neighbors house I can not find a thing that I don't love about this. Ashley Nichole over at Domestic Divas Fancy has an amazing blog and amazing taste.
Ashley also had this adorable craft room / office on her blog. Hubs is a huge University of Alabama fan. ROLL TIDE! Our office is where all of his football "stuff" is and where it will stay unless we have a man-room one day. I think Ashley's ideas in this room along with his football stuff would be a perfect mix for Gameday Girlie! I'm sure not what Hubs is wanting to hear.
There is something about a front porch, rocking chairs and lemonade that melt a southern girls heart. Although I can't say that I have ever sat in a rocking chair on a front porch and had lemonade before but Annichole @ Our Suburban Cottage makes me want to try it out.

If eyes are the window to the soul, then doors are the eyes of a home. I adore a nice door with character. It says something about the home, but more than that, I think it says something about the people who live there. This door from Annichole's blog is a simple classic door but the stenciling on it makes it scream "My people love me." Yeah I know screaming doors are a little much but shouldn't a first impression say something.

Here's another door from Our Suburban Cottage. All I can say is WOW!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Saving Inspiration

So how are we going to afford this beautiful house I have been dreaming up when Hubs nor I either one make a lot of money? Well little by little we'll squirell away and look for as many ways to save as we can. One way I have already started to shave dollars off of our monthly budget is from the divine guidence of Jamie @ Saving in Style. Secretly I want to hoard her away and keep her all to myself but since she is so generous with all she gives I figured I would share her here. Now before you go praising me for sharing her with you I have a little confession.......

I want to win these....

As if the savings you get from Saving in Style aren't enough, Jamie has the most amazing Give Aways such as the one today from Best American Arts. They have some AMAZING stuff. Go check out Jamie & this Give Away, I'm sure soon you'll be hooked just like me.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

More ideas from break

Check out Villa Anna where I found this comfy living room. The fireplace and the floors are beautiful and I love the dark sofa and chairs. I am assuming there is a TV in the armoire.

Jennifer at Let your creativity flow had this amazing bedroom. I know you can't see that much of it but .....french doors open to a warm spring breeze, down comforter and black & white photography. You may have trouble getting me out of there.

She also had these AMAZING Halloween Decor ideas! Loving them!!!!!

And in my dream home I really, really want to recycle and I want a really stylish way to do it. Thanks for the inspiration Jennifer.

And the site just doesn't stop. In my dream home I will have an amazingly organized and HUGE closet like this.

But reality says you can be organized and still be small.

I love this butcher block island with stools. But once again..... I don't think I should ever own a see through cabinet door.

Brillant Assylum from Georgia had this amazing succulent wreath. I have a love for succulents as they may possibly be the only thing that I can grow. Can't wait to try this one day.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I spent a very relaxing spring break week dreaming up my home. I just have two questions.....

1. Who are these people who have all white room? They obviously don't have my hubs or pup.

2. Why do most of these people not have TVs in their living rooms? Again, they don'tt have my hubs.

Either way I have learned a lot about what I really like.Here are a few examples....

Layla over at
Lettered Cottage has a beautiful kitchen and a lot more, be sure to check her out!

I Love this kitchen!!!! I just don't know that I will ever be organized enough to have any open cabinets. Here are a few more closeups..

Not only did I love the serene feel of this bedroom, I loved the paddle. I wanted one just like it but settled for the moment instead on two smaller white ones from Joann's that I am thinking of crossing and hanging over my bed. Since my walls aren't white, I think they will look nice.

I really like this entertainment center and the way she has it decorated. I also love that it is christmas without screaming red and green.
I want to take a bath in here. Yes I know there isn't a tub in the picture, but don't you imagine it would be FABULOUS! I loved this idea....oversized planter for towels.

There is plenty more to come.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I love this look. Not sure what this style is called but I see it everywhere these days. Classic without being stuffy.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

One day I will have the beautiful home that I have
always dreamed of.
This is my journey to envisioning my home.

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