Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pantry Parade


I am convinced the only way to have a neat, pretty kitchen is to have a pantry!

My small galley kitchen has 11/2 feet of counter space separated by a sink & no that isn’t a typo. I have one small cabinet under my counter that is usable and 4 above my sink, the middle two have no second shelf in them. About a year ago I purchased two of these…..

Great for use in a pantry but not the best looking thing for an organized looking kitchen. It just looks like shelving that I have piled stuff on.

But alas a girl can dream & pray that when I find my dream home, it will come equipped with a beautiful LARGE pantry like these…

Pantry Perfect

Kitchen, Pantry and Mudroom Organizers


  1. Love them all! If they only stayed organized like those!!!

  2. Those pantries are bigger than our whole kitchen!!!


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