Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best of 2009

I’m linking up to Blue Cricket Designs’ Best of 2009 Party!

Some of these you have already seen but there are two I didn’t post because I didn’t check my camera before I wrapped them to see if I got a decent picture. The first one was for our daughter, who first wanted to know where I bought it!!!! Talk about a compliment! She immediately began taking pictures of it to send her friends despite the pile of other presents she had sitting at her feet! It was still her favorite even after she unwrapped all of her presents including the Wii she has been wanting!

The others are for my nieces & nephews. They loved theirs too! But the look on our daughters face will stay with me!







  1. I love the pink floral pretty!

  2. Awesome job on them all! I am glad Sara loved hers!! Happy Early New Year!


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